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Have you signed up for the Annual Hike for Hospice. People all across the country are taking the time on this special day to remember and honour loved ones, friends and family members.  Join us for Hike for Hospice on May 6th!

Getting Involved with Events:

Hospice Prince Edward relies on volunteers who are willing to share their time and talents to bring together fun and creative events for hospice. We rely on a number of these fundraising events to help support the work of hospice in our community.

Each year, our volunteers, friends of hospice and the community hold special events to benefit hospice. We encourage community groups to hold their own fundraising events to increase awareness about hospice and its services, as well as raise additional funds to support hospice care in our community.*

If you are interested in supporting Hospice Prince Edward through a fundraising event, please contact us by email, or call 613 645-4040.

*Hospice Prince Edward assumes no liability for events sponsored and/or presented by 3rd party organizations, individuals or groups. All liability for 3rd party events benefiting Hospice must be assumed by the host organization, individual or group.