Meet The Team

Greetings from Val MacDonald, 2017

I apologize for this being soooooo  late.  Where has the summer gone?

As I ride off into the sunset, I want to thank everyone at Hospice for their co-operation, advice, support, and kindness.  My time in the role of interim Executive Director was gratifying and life-changing for me.  The Board of Directors are steering the organization in the right direction and I have nothing but respect for that group of dedicated individuals.  They are very supportive of the great staff at HPE and rightfully so. 

As everyone knows,  for a variety of reasons, the office of the ED has changed frequently since the Nancy Parks days.

My feeling is that that trend has ended with the hiring of the new Executive Director, Karen Moore.  As a retired school principal she has the organizational skills required for the position as well as hospice experience which is a good combination.  She is enthusiastic, understands our strengths and challenges and has some new ideas.  We can help by educating her about our great County and the people here.  And in typical County fashion, I know we will reach out and make her and her husband, Rick feel welcome in their new community.

In my meetings with Karen, we discussed some things that we need to concentrate on

  • Increasing the number of people in the community using our outreach services (Jane Moon, our Service Co-ordinator is working on an awareness campaign)
  • The huge focus on fundraising – necessary for our success is raising approximately $200,000 annually to run our programs
  • An additional $8,000 is required this year for a new roof on the building at 40 Downes.
  • Keeping the volunteers and staff informed is a big key to success in the team atmosphere we have at Hospice PE.

The staff at Hospice are dedicated and, in my experience, they put the patients first which is how it should be.All other things fall into place when patient care and family relationships are the priority. Rest assured that Esther and John do an excellent job at that in the residential hospice. Jane does great work with the volunteers and bereavement groups as well as the patients in the community – a crucial role. Judy keeps the organization in the press, looks after admin function including the donation receipts and organizing the events that people have come to identify with HPE.

I need to thank Heather Campbell at the Family Health Team for her constant promotion of HPE and her innate understanding of what we do here.She helped me immensely with many things that I was working on in my time at HPE, and I certainly appreciate it.

Saving the best for last, where would we be without our excellent team of volunteers? I know that all organizations depend somewhat on volunteers, but HPE is unique in that our volunteers are trained, matched, scheduled and monitored like employees would be.They perform such a wide variety of tasks we simply couldn’t do what we do without them. And they are a nice group of people to be around.Who else could listen to the ED yammering about the mileage reports and other boring topics and still smile?

Thank you to everyone who came to my farewell party and enjoyed the awesome food and social time.A special thanks to Jean Algar for her part in organizing the lovely affair and to Marianne Malachowski for opening her beautiful home for the party.It was perfect and I was so honoured that people took time out of their beautiful summer day to come.Thank you for the generous gifts, how thoughtful you all are! My favourite memory of my time at Hospice.

Like every single person or family member who has any contact with this great organization, I am hooked.  I am not going to disappear.  I will be around and happy to help out whenever or wherever I could be of service.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

Val MacDonald